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Is a Plastic Shield Really Protective?

Is your Mask Effective?

In the past few months we have all learned so much to keep ourselves and those around us safe from COVID-19. We now know, for a fact, that mask wearing is a big part of this protection. Many months ago we wrote a blog to help understand the different types of masks and what their benefits and differences are. Recent studies have shown that a 3 layered mask with a filter (NOT A VALVE!) are the most effective mask for protecting yourself and others.  We  were thrilled to see yet another confirmation that our enVy COPPER masks  are the real deal when it comes to protection!

Recently we have noticed a trend in masks that needed to be added to our blog post "I Protect You, You Protect Me! Mask Wearing Info".  These masks are the clear plastic splatter guards that are open on either the top or the bottom. Although many might like this look, as you can see your full face, wearing simply a face shield or splatter guard will only be effective in preventing  some droplets from coming in contact with you - but will not keep others safe from you.

For example, this type of clear plastic splatter guard is open at the bottom or the top. This allows any particles to creep up underneath your mask, leaving you susceptible to airborne pathogens. It doesn't contain your breathing and allows for your airborne or water droplets to be exposed to others when out in public.

We understand that this is a confusing time for everyone. When we see these splatter-guard masks whether on the internet, in stores or see people wearing them, we can easily assume they are approved and protecting. They are not sufficient protection from COVID-19. If you are visiting  friends or businesses where these are being worn, we strongly recommend keeping at least the recommended six foot distance to help protect each other..

Masks are now becoming an integral part of our daily outfits, and while it's fun to add some fashion to your new COVID look, we need to keep ourselves and others safe.

We will always continue to protect you and ourselves to the best of our ability. For this reason splatter guards alone are not acceptable protection when visiting us for a service or shopping.

Education is always our biggest ally!

The Summit Team