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I Protect You, You Protect Me! Mask Wearing Info!

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,  Kim and Kathy, the RN's from Ontario that make our enVy Copper Anti Aging Pillows, made a shift, like many, for the pandemic.

They took their virus killing, microbe destroying, copper-infused liner that they use, with great effect, in their pillows and created protective face masks. Their goal is to take the proceeds of the masks to give free face masks to the most vulnerable - the essential workers in shelters, grocery stores, hospital administration workers and pharmacy staff.  They have already donated thousands! For more info on our masks go to the bottom of this article.

Important Mask Wearing Info

At first, we were told we didn't need to wear masks when out and about in public. Like many things since this first started, science continues to enlighten us. Early recommendations were to wear masks in public so we can help protect each other and save the N95 Masks for our front line workers. Now in more and more areas of our country mask wearing has become mandatory when indoors or crowded outdoor public spaces.

The challenge is that not all masks are created equal (eg. paper disposable masks are very hard on your skin!) and some masks we do not need to wear in public. 

The Different Masks Explained


1️⃣ The “I Protect Me.” Mask…
The N95 mask, like on this woman, is used in industries that require protection of the wearer from the environment, whether from small particles of dust (drywalling) to small airborne viruses or other pathogens. The downside is that these masks are NOT designed to protect others in your environment. If you take a regular valved N95 mask, place your hand an inch in front of it and blow - you can easily feel your hot germ-y breath through the small valve that allows exhalation. If you wear this mask and are a COVID-19 carrier you are NOT keeping the virus to yourself and are actually spreading it! This is ‘PPE’ - PERSONAL Protective Equipment". Its purpose is to protect the person who is wearing it. This is for our front-line workers exposed to infectious patients.

2️⃣ The “I Protect You.” Mask...

You will not normally see N95 masks used by health care professionals in a hospital setting (in the OR or protective isolation) due to the fact is is NOT designed to protect the patient. What you will see(normally) in hospital settings are the basic surgical disposable masks. These are worn to protect the vulnerable patients and their environment from the germs being exhaled by the wearer of the mask. Depending on the quality of the surgical mask, they may need to be double layered to insure the wearer keeps their airborne droplets to themselves. *Hand test from above will also test their efficacy.

3️⃣. The "I Protect You. You Protect Me.” Mask…

Personal/Community use masks such as the three layer enVy™ COPPER mask are meant for the concept of “I protect you. You protect me.” If we all behave like we have the virus and wear these masks in public, we protect each other. Using a double layer of Germ-killing COPPER Ions woven into the tightly knitted sustainable TENCEL fabric creates the necessary barrier that prevents the WEARER from easily spreading germs BUT also helps with protecting the wearer by reducing contamination of the mask surface (that’s what copper does) from pathogens that may land on the fabric of the mask on the outside or the inside.


Important Info on How to Wear a Mask to Stay Safe

1. Never touch your face or your mask surface. 

2. Before donning your mask WASH your hands. 

3. Before removing your mask WASH your hands. 

4. Remove from the ear loops only avoiding the fabric surface of the mask as germs may be on the surface and transfer to your hands (clean mask as recommended and hang to dry).

5. Wash your hands immediately after removing and continue social distancing.  

Here is some information on the mask that we love: 

Comfortable. Washable. Adjustable. Germ-Killing. 

These Canadian-Made 🍁cutting edge three layer enVy COPPER infused face Masks use NatuVerex™ technology woven into the protective layers of the TENCEL® Fabric of the mask.  These masks are suitable for personal-use and are washablere-usable and adjustable (One size fits most with adjustable ear loops). They used the same COPPER Ion infused TENCEL® fabric as their patented enVy COPPER Anti-Aging pillow liners. 

The Copper infused TENCEL fabric of their pillow liners and face masks have been proven to eradicate 99% of MRSA, Staphococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniae within 24hrs, allowing your mask to self sanitize when not in use for this length of time.

Suitable for everyday personal use. They are available in two sizes with adjustable ear loops made from super soft stretch material which can be adjusted by sliding the elastic cord through the loop channel, finding the knot, cutting to your length and sliding back into the channel.

 To understand more here is a note from the two RN's behind EnVy:

"The idea of making our EnVy COPPER infused Face Masks was an easy “A-ha” moment.  When the pandemic started we knew we already had an Anti-Superbug COPPER fabric we were using in our COPPER line of pillows. Using the same specialize germ-killing CuTEC™ COPPER that is woven into our super soft TENCELⓇ  fabric pillow liner we designed these Copper Infused Face Masks with a double layer of protective COPPER Fabric and adjustable Soft Stretch Ear loops. 

I Protect You. You Protect Me™

Where once we felt masks were worn to protect ourselves, we are now aware that wearing masks will protect others.  Please continue to be diligent with hand washing and social distancing while using this mask. 
When we all wear masks we are saying: I protect you. You protect me.”

Stay well,

Kathy RN and Kim RN