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A Protective Face Mask that Soothes and Improves Your Skin?!

In April of 2020, we started providing a very special protective face mask for our clients to protect themselves during the pandemic. As a skin care clinic, protective face masks were not something we ever imagined a need to provide. Finding a face mask to not only provide superior virus protection but also protect the skin from irritation, dryness and acne was our mission. A huge thank you to the two Canadian RN's behind enVY Anti Aging Pillow Company! The enVY COPPER Face Mask has the science and results to meet our mission. 

In a study published in the ‘Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology’ in October 2019, clinical studies demonstrated that continued exposure to copper embedded textiles such as our enVY COPPER face masks (pillows and eye masks!) significantly reduced depth of facial wrinkles, improved skin sagging and enhanced skin elasticity. This is just one of many clinical studies on copper ions. The biggest studies have focused on coppers impressive germ, fungus and virus killing ability. Perfect for a pandemic but also perfect for acne producing bacteria.

Top 4 reasons we love enVY masks for your skin:

1. Soft comfortable, breathable triple layer fabrics with super soft ear straps tolerated by all skin types even the most sensitive.

2. The anti-bacteria, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties of the COPPER ion NatuVerex™ (a Canadian Copper fabric company) layer kills 99.9% of all the nasties within 24 hours and starts on contact. This next generation technology is long lasting, durable, 100% coverage, natural, safe and chemical free.

3. Copper's natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can promote and speed up wound healing. Additionally, it has been shown to aid in the treatment of scarring. Ideal for acne-prone, rosacea-prone and all other sensitive, sensitized, irritated skin concerns.

4. The promotion of elastin, collagen and skin regeneration for smoother, firmer skin. COPPER is one of the 9 minerals that are essential for humans; it plays a crucial role in all human tissues including skin. Recent clinical studies published in the Journal of Dermatology demonstrated that continued exposure to copper oxide-embedded textiles, (such as our enVY face masks, eye masks and pillows) significantly reduces depth of facial wrinkles and skin sagging and enhances skin elasticity and general well being.   

Our hopes are that we will all soon not need to wear protective face masks for so much of our day to day activities. The great news is that, for now and for the future, we have a solution that will help keep our skin looking it's best in the most protective environment possible!